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Staging Works for Homeowners

So you've decided to sell your home. Once you've made that decision, your home then becomes a house, a product, and as such must be marketed to appeal to the broadest spectrum of buyers. Your home is probably the largest investment that you will make in your lifetime, and if positioned and packaged properly for sale, should be one of your biggest returns on investment. Investing in Best Dressed Homes is an affordable way to maximize your equity in the shortest amount of time.

If you are like most people who want to sell their homes privately, you are relying on your own judgment to determine if your home is actually sale ready.

The rule of thumb has been: "It's good enough for us, so it's ready!"

Technically you are right. However, there is a theory which has revolutionized the way we sell houses! It's called STAGING. We have learned that the way you live in your home and the way you need to market and sell your house are two very different things. Best Dressed Homes is the answer to positioning and packaging your house correctly the first time. Home staging is about attracting more buyers with kicked up curb appeal, fabulous photos and marketing brochures, and open houses that excite homebuyers. It's about eliminating the elements that cause buyers to chip away at your asking price. Staging is about marketing to get your house SOLD faster, and for top dollar.

Best Dressed Homes works with home sellers who want to save time and money and are looking for an affordable way to maximize their equity in the shortest amount of time. This is achieved by means of a curb to backyard, room-by-room consultation and showcasing, or a full staging service. We can do as little or as much as you like, working within your budget and timeframe.

For many people, the first question is "how much?" The answer is "much less than your first price reduction". Everyone knows the longer a property sits on the market the more chance it has of selling for less. Don't wait until you are considering a price reduction. Why not make sure you have everything going for you before you put your house on the market? What do you have to loose? Only money!

When your home is staged, many of your possessions are packed and ready for you to move on with the rest of your life. And remember that since a staged home is regarded as well-maintained and ready to move in to, after a long day of house hunting, a staged home which stands out from the rest, is the one a potential buyer is likely to remember.

To ensure homebuyers have great first impressions at every turn, let Best Dressed Homes ensure you have really packaged your home ready for sale. We offer a wide variety of services to suit every budget, and it's amazing what an unbiased and objective opinion can do…and the importance of first impressions!

Make sure your home is on every Realtor'sŪ "best dressed" list.

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Staging Works for Realtors

Much like it is a Realtor'sŪ job to sell homes, it is a professional home stylist's job to prepare those homes for sale. At Best Dressed Homes we work as a third party for the real estate agent conveying the recommendations to a homeowner with tact and objectivity, eliminating the need for the realtorŪ to point out otherwise awkward, however important issues that may hold the house back from getting their asking price or worse selling in a timely manner, allowing the realtorŪ to maintain a positive working relationship with their clients. Realtors need to do what they do best - use their time and energy where they will get the most return, listing and selling houses.

Listings which show well, make for beautiful photos to be used in necessary marketing (i.e. newspapers, online directories, MLS), which attract more buyers and increase the chances of multiple bids, helping the agent secure the asking price for the house.

When a Real Estate Agent uses Best Dressed Homes to stage a home before it goes on the market, they increase the opportunity to sell their listing faster and with a higher return on the seller's investment. This type of marketing strategy in turn secures the highest possible commission for the real estate agent, and earns them a reputation for selling their listings fast, and for top dollar.

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Staging Works for Homebuilders

As a homebuilder, you know that every day a vacant property remains on the market is costing you money at the bank. Your investment relies on getting a home sold quickly, ensuring that you realize your maximum profit potential. Statistics show that vacant homes that have been staged sell almost 80% faster when they are showcased with furniture. Many builders know that hiring a home stager to prepare a new home as if someone already lives there, is the final step needed to turn the FOR SALE sign to SOLD quickly. Getting it sold quickly ensures that you can realize your maximum profit potential. Staging makes perfect sense. Stage with Best Dressed Homes before your first open house and secure offers right away.

Join other cutting edge homebuilders by investing in the services of Best Dressed Homes before your first open house, and secure offers right away.

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