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Staging Consultation

Our professional home stylists at Best Dressed Homes will use a proven system to evaluate your home's market appeal both indoors and out. We will then provide a room-by-room comprehensive report identifying all areas of concern such as curb appeal, clutter, personal items, repairs, paint, furniture and lighting placement and suggestions how to highlight your home's best features. Most importantly, we will address touchy areas such as odour and cleanliness.

Once the 2 to 3 hour tour is complete, we will consult with the homeowner or realtor® to review a detailed listing and photographs of repairs and improvements that are essential in the re-sale of their home.

This consultation service, which provides guidance and recommendations, is designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner who has the talent and time to do the suggested work.

From: $200 CDN

The fee for larger homes will be quoted by the square footage.

For Realtors® Only - Volume Special

Incorporate Best Dressed Homes' staging consultations as an integral part of your marketing strategy that you can offer to all of your clients. Not only is this a welcome value added service you can provide to your clients, staging will add value to every listing you secure. In turn this will provide you with the competitive edge to get their property sold quickly and for top value.

Work with Best Dressed Homes on all your listings and take advantage of our Partner's Only Pricing.

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Full Home Staging Service

As many homeowners lead very busy lives, and find it a struggle just to get dinner on the table on time, Best Dressed Homes is there to do as little or as much as you need. We can provide hands-on service to execute the work needed to get your home ready to sell. We can dress your whole home or just 2 or 3 rooms, depending on your budget and time frame - it's up to you. Want to save time and energy? Let Best Dressed Homes do the work for you and transform your home to show its very best. BDH will work diligently inside and out of your home using proven staging techniques, moving furniture, rearranging and editing accessories, artwork, dressing your home to create a great first impression.

If necessary, we will bring in extra accessories and lighting from our extensive inventory to provide the finishing touches needed to make your home radiate. If the home needs painting, repairs, new flooring or other cosmetic help, we can assist you with selections and direct you to our extensive network of reliable trades' people.

As staging projects differ depending on the size of the property and the scope of the project, all estimates will be provided in writing before any work has begun. Certain situations will require that not all rooms in a home my need to be staged, therefore we focus our efforts on the rooms that need the most work.

Please Contact Us for a Personalized Quote

*Please note that any furniture or accessories required are available for rent at an additional fee, over an above the cost of staging.

Staging is a small investment that could be worth thousands in your pocket!

Open House Showcasing

Once all the work is completed to prepare your home for sale, it's time to get ready for your first open house. Furniture should to be arranged to optimize traffic flow, architectural features need to be highlighted, and any minor flaws should be downplayed. The curb appeal should be inviting and each room should be decorated in a way that doesn't detract the homebuyer from looking at the space, yet provides them with a great first impression at every turn.

Best Dressed Homes can come back and showcase your home to ensure that every first impression is a great one, from the front curb and throughout your house. Showcasing is a fabulous marketing tool for sellers who are serious about selling their homes. We have had a number of clients who really thought their home showed well, yet after a couple of months their home was still sitting on the market. After they brought Best Dressed Homes in to showcase their home, the home's first impression was drastically improved, and the homeowners and realtors® were amazed at how quickly the home sold, and at how much it sold for. It most cases the houses sold within 4 days, and for 98% of asking price or more.

Please Contact Us for a Personalized Quote

Hiring Best Dressed Homes to dress your property is a small investment in getting the sign to SOLD.

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Vacant Home Enhancement

Too much empty space can work against you. An empty room gives homebuyers the opportunity to focus on negative details instead of getting a sense of the overall space. Strategically adding furniture to a vacant home gives potential homebuyers a place to rest their eyes, highlights the positive features of the home, and allows them to envision their own belongings in the space. But there's no need to panic; furnishing a vacant home doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, hiring a home stager to "Dress" a vacant home could cost you literally thousands of dollars less than the fees of an Interior Designer.

Statistics show vacant houses sell almost 80% faster when they are showcased with furniture.

At Best Dressed Homes, our stagers have the training and experience to transform a vacant shell into a warm, inviting home, with a substantial inventory of accessories and the valued partnership with a reputable furniture retailer. Many designers rely on buyers falling in love with the furnishings and lining their pockets with the commissions of the sale, therefore using more furnishings than are necessary. Given that the average person who purchases a new home doesn't have the disposable funds to buy all new furniture, it's vital that the lifestyle portrayed in the new home is something they can relate to. By scaling back the amount of furniture used by a designer, a potential buyer is able to focus on the space, as opposed to the abundance of beautiful furnishings.

Please Contact Us for a Personalized Quote

*Please note that any furniture or accessories required are available for rent at an additional fee, over an above the cost of staging.

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